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Thank you for ordering Debt Vortex Eliminator. This is a digital book which means you can instantly download it to your computer today and start reducing your debt straight away. Once you have opened the file you can print your own copy of the book for those who find it hard to read on the computer screen. All you need to do is click the link to download your copy now, just click file and save copy to your computer. Once saved you can select print and print a copy. Click here to download “Debt Vortex Eliminator”. Click here to download “How the Mind Works Click below to download your “Where am I NOW” Spreadsheet, note if you run your own Sole Trader business then you need to include details of your sole trader business on the Home Budget plus Sole Trader Spreadsheet below: Home Budget Only Spreadsheet Home Budget plus Sole Trader Spreadsheet If for any reason you have trouble obtaining your copy of Debt Vortex Eliminator, then click the Contact Us button and send us an email telling us how we can help you. Please note: On your card statement or PayPal statement the name of the company receiving the payment will be shown as Bubbles.
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